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Since 2021, I've offered air-drop services to the Cardano community. I've developed solutions to prevent sending air-dropped assets to smart contracts. You can check transactions in one of our air-drop wallet's history. View Transaction History


NFT or Token Minting

I've been minting since day one (March 1st 2021), offering various tools for the public to mint single assets and hosting automated minting solutions. Join our Telegram to learn more and ask questions.


Token Distribution

I host a lot of token faucets! To meet the needs of most distributions, I can limit to holders, stake pool delegators, or more. Profits are sent directly to your wallet with every transaction. Fees much lower than a dex can offer.


Claim Systems

I have solutions to help you distribute your tokens via automated claim services. You can setup so only holders can claim, you can have complicated configurations to reward multiple collections. These are always a custom solution so to learn more reach out to me via dm or telegram


Vending Pre-minted Assets

Want to distribute a collection of pre-minted NFTs using a vending solution? Consult with us, I have solutions that let you send up to 100 assets per transaction into our vending solution. You can have assets traded for ADA or your favorite native tokens


Metadata Updates

Sometimes we get the metadata wrong, names change, decisions are not always permanent. I can re-format your metadata or I can update it by changing selective items. Here is an example where I updated Lucky Lions and fixed some of the images that had layering problems.


IPFS Hosting / Custom Solutions

I offer free IPFS hosting to any client utilizing our services. With 2TB free storage available, I have adequate capacity to host your content. I also offer resizing ipfs links via urls in real-time.


Token Migration

Looking to migrate to a new policy, want to offer a solution to exchange one token for another while burning the original? I can setup a system that sends your tokens to a null address if the policy is locked.


Token Burning

I've hosted a Cardano burn tool for assets that I've minted. More than 3,500 burn transactions since July 2021! You can send up to 35 items in a single transaction to be burned like this one - this requires I have the policyID which is normal when I've minted your collection or you've used my tools.


Re-layering Marketplace

If you work with us to generate your images, I can offer you solutions to later sell new layers and a method to remint + repin + regenerate new images using your new layer.


Stake Pool Operator

Founded in Feb of 2021, it all started with the stake pool TAILS. Rebranded to SCM aka Sick City Music - you can support our efforts by staking with us. As a dropinator pool, you get additional rewards at DripDropz.


Community Pool Operator

I co-manage other pools with the community, you can reach out to me regarding help with your own stake pool, I'm here to support the community and happy to assist.


Single / Bulk-Minting Tools

I have a tool that allows you to create up to 20 assets at a time with fees under 5 ada. Bulk-Minting Tool Single Mint Tool


On-chain Images and More

I've minted on-chain music, on-chain animations, on-chain 3d swords, and more! I can help take your artwork and prepare everything necessary to mint. I've minted some notable collections like OnChainCats and SickCity's OnChain Arcade Games.


Time-lock and multi-sig Policies

Policies on Cardano are typically time-lock + single-key, nothing stops you from creating more complicated situations where it requires mutliple keys and you each have only one part.


Discord Bots

Real-time notifications of minting in your Discord server. I've also created other bots and have some of the best friends in this space who can help if you have more complicated requests.


Token Swaps

I host solutions that enable native tokens to be swapped for other native tokens with the difference between a dex and this solution is you can define your own rules for how the price exchange is setup and you can direct the profits from every swap directly to your wallet. I have a few examples here: Chedda & Krill


HTML/Javascript NFTs

You can turn html pages with javascript into interactive NFTs. In 2021 I created and minted this collection which featured a magic mushroom dosing calculator as the NFT content.


Unrevealed Mints

I can setup a mint that goes out with a cover image and later I go back and reveal them by reminting with the correct metadata and images. I've done a number of notable clients like KWIC The Plushies Freaky Snakes Koalas Unbothered Wolves Clayavera Degen Bunny


Voting Solutions

Head over to for my solution to facilitate voting for the Cardano eco-system. To host and manage a vote you must hold an asset from the onchain 3d sword collection.



Create a prediction based on the criteria they specify, more details on the page when you get started. Check your local laws before using this system


Proof of Burn

Is your token locked but you want to encourage holders to burn or reduce your supply as part of your plan? I can create a proof of burn service that mints a receipt to show how many were burned. If your token is unlocked - I can easily add your policy keys to our automated burn service


Custom Solutions

The things you see on this page are just some of the notable items I decided to list, if you have the need for some type of custom solution let's have a chat


What's minting now?

I have a list of what's currently minting here


Token Faucets

I have a list token faucets that are currently active here the terms of each faucet are different, you can setup randomized distribution, or have a fixed rate. We offer faucets that can send out a percentage of remaining tokens or use any type of distribution schedule you can think up. Fees are going to be higher with more complicated implementations.



Do you need an API for your project that does not seem to fit within the existing solutions? I'm here to make you a custom API for your website that exposes exactly the information how you want it. How about an API to offer protection against franken-addresses with spoofed stake keys?


Payment widgets

Do you need a simple payment widget for your website? I offer a no-cost solution to enable click-to-pay for ADA or native tokens


Updating or Upgrading NFTs

I have a number of options available to upgrade your existing NFTs. From something simple like allowing the user to input their own name, to some more complicated solutions like changing the scene and updating the metadata.


Minting Spreadsheet

To start a custom minting or vending with me I need a filled out spreadsheet - here's a template