Mint up to 20 Cardano NFTs

Price 10-14 ADA depending on how many you mint.
Select how many to Mint.

All ticker names should be unique - you can update existing NFTs in this policy by including them in position 2+

Policy Details

An unlocked policy allows you to mint more NFT under the same policy and burn if needed.
The ability to re-use a policy is tied to the exact receiving address.
You should select either Save this Policy or Lock Policy not both.
You can Save a Policy and have it open forever by not checking anything else.
You can Save a Policy and have it valid for a year by checking both Save and 1 Year Policy.

Metadata - You can edit the metadata directly, the only thing you must fill out above is tickers.

LEFT CLICK - it opens in a new window

If you need help, reach out at one of these locations: Discord or E-mail or Twitter


Burn Address: addr1vyvd4yvf4zqwvlv5yhpg3kc8955kuxq6xagej5sz3p08atqpw8jwa
A NFT Metadata example and guide
Example of Metadata showing multiple items
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